Monday, January 23, 2012

Raspberry Brownie Bites

These are hands-down my favorite "go-to" recipe for instances I need to provide a quick treat for any occasion.  They require minimal preparation and everyone loves them!  Brownie  Bites are extremely versatile.  You can substitute raspberries with mini peanut butter cups, Hershey Kisses, M&Ms, etc. However, I think that the Dark Chocolate/Raspberry combination can't be beat!

To begin you will need a box Dark Chocolate brownie mix.  I have tried these  bites with non-Dark Chocolate mixes, and the taste isn't quite as good.  After preparing the batter as directed, use a cookie scoop to fill the cavities of a greased mini muffin pan.  Bake at 350 degrees for 18-20 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes before removing from pan.  Place bites on a cooling rack set over waxed paper.

While the brownies continue to cool, prepare the chocolate ganache.

Chocolate Ganache for Brownie Bites
recipe by Betty Crocker

2/3 cup whipping cream
1 cup semisweet chocolate chips

In a one quart saucepan heat whipping cream over low heat just to boiling.  Remove from heat; stir in chocolate chips until melted.  Let stand for 15 minutes or until mixture coats a spoon.  Pour 2 teaspoons of mixture over brownie bite.  Top with fresh raspberry if desired.

Really, these are the perfect sized treat and present wonderfully on a dessert table.  I've used them for just about any occasion imaginable and they are always a huge hit!  I'm sure you will love them, too.  :)

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