Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Super Simple Stenciled Sugar Cookies

I had to mix and bake a ton of cutout cookies today, and knew I would not be able to ice them in time to post something for today, so I saved a couple of circle cutouts to try a stencil method I read about. A few weeks ago I purchased some baking stencils, so I had them ready to go!

I began by using some of the sugar cookie dough I mixed up. Then, I rolled it out and cut the shapes.

Once I had a few circles on a cookie sheet, I assembled the necessary items for the design: some stencils, a paint brush, and cocoa powder (any type of edible colored powder will do. I can't wait to experiment with colors!). You can purchase food powder at craft or baking supply stores. Even though it's nowhere near St. Patrick's Day, I bought some celtic stencils. As my friend Maeve says, I'm Irish everyday and I don't need only one day a year to celebrate it. :)

Center the stencil design on your cookie and press it firmly down. Be firm enough to make it stick, but do not press too hard or you will make dents in the cookie. Once you have the stencil in place, pour some of the edible powdery substance you chose, and begin to brush it on the cookie.

Once the entire area of the design has been brushed, CAREFULLY lift the stencil off of the cookie.

Bake the cookie as directed, and you will have a delicious cookie with a beautiful, professional looking design baked in. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE these! You are quite clever! I made just go home and made some sugar cookies with cute little damask patterns (as those are the only stencils I have)! =D

  2. Thanks, Christine!! As soon as I saw stencils for food existed I HAD to give it a try. :) I would love to see your Damask would be great if you could post a photo to my FB page, Life Is Sweets! Have a great weekend and thanks for stopping by...hope to see you again soon!