Thursday, September 8, 2011

End Of Summer Stenciling For My Family

Sorry about my lack of updates during this past week. I took a mini-vacation in Buffalo to spend some time with my family and to meet my new niece, Ellie. She is just the sweetest thing in the world!!

Ellie Kristine!!
I also have twin four year old nieces, who love all things pink and sparkly. They have the most wonderfully inventive imaginations and amuse me endlessly. This trip was no exception! My husband and I always bring little gifts home for the girls; and this time I wanted to bring them a sweet treat. I had very little time before our trip, so I decided to make some quick stencil cookies with a fairy design.

I do like the design of the stencils, but am not too happy about the powder colors I chose. I don't know why it didn't occur to me that yellow would not show up particularly well on a white/yellow cookie! However, the powder I used has a glittery/sparkly effect, so it did the trick. I will try different color combinations next time, or dye the dough a shade that will show off the stenciling a bit more.

The other project I tried did not work out, either. I made a batch of chocolate cookie dough (maybe the best chocolate cookies I've EVER had), dyed it black, refrigerated it, and could NOT find my intended cookie cutter. Anywhere. Again, as I was trying to get ready for our trip, I had to accept the force was not with me (there's a clue in there, ha ha ha :) and use the dough for something else. I have taken steps to finish that project in the coming week!

When I purchased the fairy stencils I also ordered some "talking hearts" stencils. They will be perfect for Valentine's Day treats. I gave them a trial run.

They turned out cute and will be great as a heart shaped cut out cookie. I took them to Buffalo and they were a big hit with everyone! They are not too sweet so my Dad enjoyed a couple with his coffee in the morning. Also, we had a family get-together, which gave me an opportunity to make rainbow cupcakes again. They were loved by all. :)

Today and tomorrow I am working on some cookies and cake balls to send overseas to some of our soldiers in Afghanistan. Due to the length of delivery time and the long journey they will make, I am not creating anything too fancy or breakable. On my list is: Peanut Butter, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate with Peanut Butter Chip, Sugar Cookies, and chocolate cake balls. Next week I will resume more creative endeavors...but this week our troops are getting my time and attention. They deserve it.

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