Saturday, September 24, 2011

These Little Piggies Did Not Come From The Market - They're Homemade!

Last week I was excited to fill an order for piglet cookies and cupcakes.  My friend is attending a wedding this weekend, which is taking place on a farm.  The guests were asked to bring a treat for a potluck dessert buffet and my friend wanted to bring something to do with the farm theme.  She settled on pigs and I was delighted.  I love working with pink!

Next week I will post step-by-step instructions on baking, icing, and packaging iced cookies.  For this particular order, however, I was concentrating on the work rather than trying to photograph each part of the process.  Here is a quick run through in the meantime of my upcoming sugar cookie post.

After browsing online for decoration inspiration, I had ideas of adding hooves and a curly tail.  In the end, however, I settled on a minimalist pig  - simple icing and a sugar candy edible eye.  I began by outlining the cookie with thick pink icing made with sugar and sifted confectioners sugar:

Next, I filled the pig in with some thinned icing (I added a very small amount of water to the thick icing mixture) that flowed more easily.  I used a toothpick to nudge the icing to toward the edges until the outline was completely filled:

 Then, viola, a happy, pink piglet!

How cute are they?!  Adorable.  I left them to dry overnight before packaging them.  It's important the icing is completely set or it will smoosh and ruin your hard work!

To make the cupcakes I found this adorable version of a piglet and followed it pretty closely.  Begin by cutting large marshmallows in half (I used scissors).  Place the sticky side down onto the cupcake to create a snout.  Use edible eyes (I purchased some a Micheal's Crafts) to place above the snout.  Now things are coming together!  I piped the sugar cookie icing on to the marshmallow snout to tie together the colors of  the cupcakes and cookies.  Here are some cupcakes frosted in pink-dyed vanilla buttercream with their edible eyes and marshmallow snouts:

To add the ears, cut strawberry wafer cookies in diagonals and place them above the eyes:

I just love them!! And my friend who ordered them was very pleased, as well.   I hope they made it safely to the farm wedding for everyone to enjoy.  They were sent off dressed in their finest:

Congratulations to Tatiana and Graham on their wedding day!  I hope it was spectacular.  :)

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