Monday, March 19, 2012

March Madness - Baking Style!

I had mentioned the fundraiser baking I was doing for St. Patrick's Day, but I didn't mention two additional orders placed for the same day.  This led to a few absolutely chaotic days of baking and travel, which has challenged me more than just about anything I've done is a short period of time....but was also the most fun I've had in awhile!

The fundraiser I was contributing to was in New Hampshire.  Having to get the baked goods such a long distance (since I live in NY) was cause for concern.  I could have come up with a few items that would have withstood mailing.  However, in the end, my Husband and I decided to make a weekend out of it and too a nice, long drive with cupcakes, cakepops, and brownies to keep us company!  (Sadly, I had to take most of these pictures in the middle of the night, so the lighting and colors are off).

(To find the recipe for Guinness Extra Stout Brownies click here.)

In addition to the fundraiser treats, I had an order for 2 dozen green velvet cupcakes.  I absolutely love any color "velvet" cupcake.  The taste of the cocoa and vinegar is just too delicious! 

In addition to all of the St. Patrick's green items, I also had an order for Minnie Mouse Cupcakes for a birthday party.  I absolutely LOVED the way they turned out.  Unfortunately, I finished them after sundown and had to deliver them before sunrise, so the photographs were taken with unnatural light.  The colors are completely washed out doing no justice to the vibrant pink, which makes me sad!  They were so cute:

My friend Amy was an absolute Godsend, helping me with the gumpaste bows and ears.  I hadn't worked with gumpaste before, so her assistance in working out the method while continuing to bake cupcakes honestly was a blessing.  Thank you, Amy W!!!

Another friend, also an Amy, came by to help with the cakepops.  We had a lot of fun putting them together.  Thank you, too, Amy G!!!

(Instructions for making Cake Pops can be found by clicking here.)

And here's the whole haul (minus Minnies):

After delivering everything, my Husband and I enjoyed the perfect New England weekend.  The weather was amazing, so we visited Strawberry Bank in Portsmouth, NH, which is a collection of Colonial buildings put together as a museum:

Next, we toured the inside of and learned about a World War II era Submarine - the USS Albacore:

Then we popped up to Maine to see one of my favorite Lighthouses - The Nubble Light in York, ME:

And to cap off our time in New England, Maine lobster rolls for lunch:

A perfect weekend!  It was so great to be out in the warmth and sunshine.  Now it's time to think spring, flowers, bunnies, and colorful eggs - in baked goods form, of course!!

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